Synthetic graphite thermal interface material (TIM) is a kind of pyrolytic graphite material with high compressibility, which can effectively fill the gap .the heat source and the heatsink. It enjoys good heat resistance, reliability and a very long product life.

Product Introduction

SCCG is a sheet-like composite heat-dissipating product made from synthetic graphite and polymer coating materials through advanced process of die-cutting and vacuum coating. The soaking plate adopts the polymer coating process so that the product enjoys high thermal conductivity, conformal polymer coating, and no delamination which cant achieved with ancient process. Besides, its easy to be assembled inside electronic products. So its an ideal high-performance, high-reliability heat-dissipation and thermal conductive product for various electronic products.


Product Structure:

A polymer encapsulating layer, multi-layer synthetic graphite, double-sided adhesive


Product Features:

Patented polymer coating process

High heat capacity, two-way high heat dissipation efficiency, integration of heat conduction and dissipation, heat can be quickly spread in a small space

Combination of any thickness: graphite with different thickness can be combined.

Combination of any shape: All shapes can be made in   any   size through die-cutting process. the range of  production size: 5mm~250mm

The product has certain flexibility and can be bent

High breakdown voltage



Smartphone, tablet, laptop

Smart wearable equipment such as VR

New energy products such as LCD and power battery

Electric power, electrical equipment

Communication equipment, communication base station


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