STGD Thermally Conductive Gel
STGD Thermally Conductive Gel
STGD Thermally Conductive Gel
The STGD series of thermally conductive gels is a two-component silicone based thermal interface filler. The material is divided into two components, A and B, and can be cured at room temperature.under heating after mixing. After curing the product is in

Product Introduction

STGt thermal gel is a two-component silicon-based thermal interface filler. Divided into two components——A and B, the material can be cured at room temperature.under heating after  two components are mixed. The cured product is soft, thermal conductive and with the shape similar to thermal conductive shim. The product, before cured, is convenient for dispensing for its good fluidity like silicone grease. After cured, a solid elastomer like shim is formed to ensure that it does not slip from the surface of the device under strong vibration and is easy to repair and dismantle.

Product structure:

A component thermal gel, B component thermal gel, packaging syringe


Product features:

Soft and with extremely low stress during installation

Good fluidity for dispensing on standard dispensing equipment

Series gels with excellent electrical insulation can meet requirements in standard applications

Fully cured, requiring no subsequent operations

Low hardness of Shore 00 10



Mobile terminals such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops

LED lighting

.the chip and the thermal module

Wearable devices

Drone equipment

Communication and network terminal equipment

New energy battery and automotive industry


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