Bonded Fin Heat Sink
Bonded Fin Heat Sink Bonded Fin Heat Sink
Bonded Fin Heat Sink
Our bonded fin heatsinks are manufactured from either aluminum.copper,.by using an extrusion process. Using either an epoxy.a solder / braze process, the fin is bonded to the base, hence the name bonded fin.

Product Introduction

Bonded fin heat sinks are an assembly of a grooved base with individual fins bonded into the grooves. This type of heat sink fabrication allows for higher fin densities and fin aspect ratios than what is manufacturable with extrusion methodologies, greatly improving thermal performance as compared to extruded heat sinks due to increased surface area.

Bonded fin types can be constructed in a few ways. Grooved bases can be extruded, die-cast,.machined. Machining can allow for additional features like embedded heat pipes, vapor chambers,.encapsulated graphite heat spreaders. Fins are either punched from coil stock.cut from thin plate stock. The fins are inserted into the base grooves and are joined by epoxying, brazing,.soldering.


Bonded Fin Heat Sink Solutions:

• Lower Tooling Costs

• No Limit on Airflow Length

• Improved Thermal Performance

• Wide Range of Material and Fabrication Options

• Customize the base with embedded heat pipes, vap.nbsp;chambers,.encapsulated graphite to improve heat spreading and increase overall efficiency of the heat sink

• Duct inlet and outlet airflow with electrically isolating air ducts made with LectroShield Electrical Isolation.


Heat sink design and analysis
Suqun Thermal engineers use the latest CFD thermal analysis tools to accurately simulate the thermal behavior of a particular device, board,.chassis. The design and manufacturing team utilize the latest in 3D CAD design tools such as Solidwords, ProE, and AutoCAD to accurately and realistically design thermal solutions, and to insure its fit and function within customer applications. 


We provides industry leading custom heatsink services and thermal solutions, with more than 11 years of thermal design and build experience, we understand the importance of designing products can be manufactured, we can verify through quick turn prototyping then into production.


For any customized product needs, please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible within 12 hours.


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