Heat dissipation mode: thermal convection

A heat sink is a component that increases the heat flow away from a hot device.In thermodynamics, heat dissipation is heat transfer, and there are three main ways of heat transfer: heat conduction, heat convection, and heat radiation. Each method has its unique benefits and drawbacks.Convection is the most common method of heat dissipation, and it's very efficient at transferring heat over a small distance.This article will take you to understand the relevant content of thermal convection in detail!


Convection is a kind of heat transport in which the heat is moved away from the hot source by fluid motion. This fluid can be either water or air.In this process, heat is transferred in the liquid and gases from a region of higher temperature to a region of lower temperature. Convection heat transfer occurs partly due to the actual movement of molecules or due to the mass transfer.


When there are objects which are at different temperatures or there is an object at a different temperature from the surroundings, then the transfer of heat takes place so that the object and the surrounding, both reach an equilibrium temperature.


How is Heat Transferred through Convection?

Convection works by areas of a liquid or gas heating or cooling greater than their surroundings, causing differences in temperature. These temperature differences then cause the areas to move as the hotter, less dense areas rise, and the cooler, more dense areas sink.

When a fluid is heated from below, thermal expansion takes place. The lower layers of the fluid, which are hotter, become less dense.  Due to buoyancy, the less dense, hotter part of the fluid rises up. And the colder, denser fluid replaces it. This process is repeated when this part also gets heated and rises up to be replaced by the colder upper layer. This is how the heat is transferred through convection.It may be natural or forced.The fluid velocity is very low in natural convection which limits the ability of the heat sink to transfer energy to the environment.


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