Zipper Fin Heat Sinks: Frequently Asked Questions

A zipper fin stack is constructed from a series of individual sheet metal fins that are stamped, folded, and zipped together using interlocking features. Fin lengths and gaps within a stack can vary by using different stamping dies and fins can be closed, creating a finned duct with the zipper fin stack, or open for multi-direction air flow depending upon application airflow requirements. A completed zipper fin stack is typically soldered, brazed, or epoxied to a heat sink base or a series of heat pipes to create a comprehensive thermal management assembly.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about zipper fin heat sinks.

What is zipper fin heat sinks?

Zipper Fin heat sinks are an ideal air-cooled solution for high-powered forced convection applications for mass production.

 Zipper Fin Heat Sinks

What are the benefits of zipper fin heat sinks?

First, zipper fins are much more efficient at dissipating heat. They have a larger surface area, which allows them to transfer heat more quickly to the surrounding air.

Second, zipper fins are more compact than traditional fins. This makes them ideal for smaller devices, where space is at a premium.

Third, zipper fins are easier to manufacture than traditional fins. This makes them more affordable and allows for wider adoption.

Fourth, zipper fins are more aesthetically pleasing than traditional fins. They create a sleek, modern look that is popular with consumers.


How are zipper fin heat sinks made?

Zipper fins are stamped from thin sheet metal, typically aluminum or copper, and are formed into a shape. The sheets interlock with each other and the resulting fin assembly is then wave soldered/bonded to a metal base to form a heat sink. For example, a copper base can be used with aluminum fins to ensure thermal performance and effective heat spreading, but at a much lighter weight than a standard copper heat sink. Zipper fin heat sinks are made by combining a series of metal fins with a zip-like pattern. This unique design helps to move heat away from electronic devices and keep them cool.


What are the applications of zipper fin heat sinks?

Zipper fin heat sinks are commonly used in a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, and medical. Some of their most common applications include cooling electronic systems, engines, and medical devices.

Their small size and low profile make them ideal for applications where space is limited. And their unique zippered design allows them to be easily customized for each application.


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