The Advantages of Cold Forging Technology

Cold forging is a process that takes place near room temperature, rather than at higher temperatures like warm and hot forging. It’s done by placing the workpiece in between two dies, and pounding the dies until the metal assumes its shape. Because of the friction created by the process, the temperature of the metal being forged can rise to 250° C or 482° F. It is often used to create heat sinks, which are components that help to cool electronic devices.

There are many advantages of using cold forging technology to create heat sinks. 

1Increased efficiency: Cold forging can be used to create heat sinks that are more efficient than those created by traditional manufacturing processes. This is because the metal is not heated to a high temperature, which means less energy is required to produce them.

2Increased accuracy: The cold forging process is very accurate, which means the heat sinks created by this process are of the highest quality.

Cold Forging Heat Sinks

3Reduced costs: The use of cold forging technology can help to reduce production costs, as it requires less energy and manpower than traditional manufacturing methods.

4Cold forging is a good choice for casting complex shapes with excellent thermal conductivity. The cold forging process allows almost perfect straightness of more fins per square millimeter. 

The shapes of cold-forged heat sinks include a plate-fin heat sink, round pin heatsink, and oval fin heat sinks. The manufacture of forged heat sinks is well suited to the use of copper because the copper heat sink can be shaped without high temperatures and can be formed with minimal damage. 

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