How the cold plate works

The cold plate is a component that exchanges heat through liquid cooling. The heat dissipation principle is to form a flow channel in the metal plate. The electronic components are installed on the surface of the cold plate (coated with a heat conducting medium in the middle). The internal cooling liquid enters from the inlet of the plate and then takes away the heat from the outlet of the component.


Process principle of cold plate: the water-cooled radiator will have a water inlet and water outlet, and there are multiple waterways inside the cold plate, which can give full play to the advantages of water cooling and take away more heat.

In a sealed liquid circulation device, the power generated by the pump drives the sealed liquid circulation, and the heat generated by the chip absorbed by the heat sink is carried to the heat sink with a larger area through the circulation of the liquid for heat dissipation. The cooled liquid flows back to the heat absorption device again and thus circulates.

Cold Plate

Characteristics of cold plate:

1. Use of a cold plate: the liquid is forced to circulate under the drive of the pump to take away the heat of the radiator. Compared with air cooling, it has the advantages of quiet, stable cooling and less dependence on the environment.

2. The heat dissipation performance of the cold plate is directly proportional to the flow rate of the cooling liquid (water or other liquids), and the flow rate of the cooling liquid is also related to the power of the water pump of the refrigeration system. And the heat capacity of water is large, which makes the cold refrigeration system have a good heat load capacity, equivalent to 5 times of the air cooling system.

3. The cold plate runner is formed by processing. The common processing processes include friction welding, vacuum welding, embedded copper pipe, deep hole drill, etc.


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