What is CNC machining?

CNC machining is a method of using digital information to control mechanical motion and the machining process. Traditional machining is carried out by manual operation of ordinary machine tools. When machining, the mechanical cutter is shaken by hand to cut metal, and the accuracy of products is measured with a caliper and other tools by eyes. However, traditional manual machining is far from meeting the production demand. Therefore, the emergence of CNC machining provides the possibility of standardization, accuracy, and efficiency of mechanical machining, and CNC machining is also brilliant in the radiator industry.

 CNC machining

To obtain high-quality products, ordinary processing technology must have complex processes, such as the selection of cutting route, shape, and size of radiator panel, and the strength used in processing on different materials is also different, so to reduce errors in specific operations, the efficiency must not be high. However, with CNC processing, all processes are arranged and designed first, programmed into the processing program, simplified processes, and carried out each step in an orderly manner, without affecting the efficiency due to human factors, which greatly improves the production efficiency of manufacturers.


Nowadays, many businesses not only have high requirements for the heat dissipation performance of radiators, but also pursue the beauty of appearance, and the use of CNC processing can achieve compatibility between the two. The quality of CNC processing is stable, and the surface of the finished product has a clear texture, strong metal texture, flat and smooth, no scratches, no missing corners, and the strength of the heat dissipation coefficient of the raw material will not change under precision processing. The manufacturer can improve its heat dissipation performance by adjusting specific processes in the processing, such as oxidation, brushing, baking, sandblasting, and other processes that can be carried out under CNC operation; traditional processing cannot achieve efficient and fine production of special and complex parts. With the help of CNC machining, the required profiles can be processed by programming only, and the finished products are firm, durable, accurate, and rigorous.



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