The features of Bonded fin heat sinks

Bonded fins technique is a conventional high-power large heat sink manufacturing technique. The features of bonded fin heat sinks include more fins per inch, smaller fin gaps, and flexible profile height and width so that they are suitable for different sizes of application space.

Bonded fin heat sinks are an assembly of a grooved base with individual fins bonded into the grooves. Bonded fin types can be constructed in a few ways. Grooved bases can be extruded, die cast, or machined. Machining can allow for additional features like embedded heat pipes, vapor chambers, or encapsulated graphite heat spreaders. Fins are either punched from coil stock or cut from thin plate stock. The fins are inserted into the base grooves and are joined by epoxying, brazing, or soldering.

 Bonded fin heat sinks

Bonded fin heat sinks are small in size and light in weight, making them ideal for cooling high-power equipment. The main features are as follows

-The high aspect ratio of the fins and the high fin density increase the cooling surface area, so the heat sink has high performance.

-The lower thermal resistance facilitates the cooling of high-power equipment. -Aluminum fins, copper bases, and aluminum bases can be assembled into bonded fin assemblies. The fins are made of sheet metal or extruded and can be custom designed. -The fins are made of sheet metal and can be cut to specific sizes.

-The high aspect ratio of the fins and the high fin density increase the cooling surface area, so the heatsink can be adjusted. We can customize your fins according to the thermal performance requirements and the height limits of the package size. For more complex designs, we can extrude the fins to specific shapes and lengths.

-For high-power forced convection cooling applications.

-Features a high thermal conductivity bonding resin for minimal heat loss.

-Dissipates more heat than a conventional heat sink of the same size.


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