Heat sinks for new energy electric vehicles

Due to the shortage of traditional energy sources and the increasingly prominent environmental problems, the development of new energy vehicles as an alternative to traditional vehicles has become a hot topic of concern. As the core component of a new energy vehicle, the importance of the safety of the battery pack can be imagined. The internal temperature of the battery pack directly affects its safety, which in turn affects the safety of the vehicle.


To improve the safety of the battery pack, it is necessary to control the temperature of the internal structure. Therefore, it is important to improve the thermal performance of the overall structure. The use of liquid cooling plates is important to ensure safety and extend the service life of the battery pack.


The liquid cooling plate works on the principle that the excess heat generated by the battery is transferred through contact with the surface of the plate aluminum unit. The liquid cooling system takes advantage of the high heat transfer coefficient of liquid flow and relies on the liquid flow to transfer high heat, which is finally carried away by the coolant passing through the internal channels of the device.

 Cold plate

Stir friction welding, or FSW for short, is a newly developed friction welding method that enables the reliable joining of various non-ferrous metals and other materials with poor weldability. The joint technology of Friction Stir Welding is simple and the technical adaptation is quite good. Different materials can be FSW together, e.g. die-cast ADC12 can be FSW to AL6063. The maximum size of the stir friction cold plate can be up to 1000*800 mm. for aluminum stir friction cold plate the depth can be up to 25 mm, for copper stir friction cold plate the depth can be up to 17 mm.


The effective heat dissipation of the liquid cooling plate provides the safety of thermal management of the battery pack and enables the effective heat conduction of the battery. It is believed that it will have a broader application prospect and commercial value in new energy vehicles.


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