Heat pipe application and advantages

A heat pipe is a heat-transfer device that employs phase transition to transfer heat between two solid interfaces. At the hot interface of a heat pipe, a volatile liquid in contact with a thermally conductive solid surface turns into a vapor by absorbing heat from that surface. The vapor then travels along the heat pipe to the cold interface and condenses back into a liquid, releasing the latent heat. The liquid then returns to the hot interface through either capillary action, centrifugal force, or gravity, and the cycle repeats.


The heat pipe is a vacuum-tight device consisting of an envelope, a working fluid, and a wick structure. The heat input vaporizes the liquid working fluid inside the wick in the evaporator section. The saturated vapor, carrying the latent heat of vaporization, flows towards the colder condenser section. In the condenser, the vapor condenses and gives up its latent heat. The condensed liquid returns to the evaporator through the wick structure by capillary action. The phase change processes and two-phase flow circulation continue as long as the temperature gradient between the evaporator and condenser is maintained.

 Heat pipe

Heat pipe technology was previously widely used in aerospace, military, and other industries. Since it was introduced into the radiator manufacturing industry, people have changed the design idea of the traditional radiator and got rid of the single heat dissipation model of relying solely on high air volume motors to obtain a better heat dissipation effect. Using heat pipe technology, even if the radiator adopts low speed and low air volume motor, the noise problem of air cooling and heat dissipation can also be well solved.


The heat pipe has many advantages compared with other cooling devices such as the following:

1. The effective thermal conductivity is very high since the heat pipe operates on a closed two-phase cycle.

2. It can transfer the heat without any moving parts so that the heat pipe is calm, noise-free, maintenance-free, and highly dependable.

3. Due to its small size and weight, it can be used in cooling electronic devices.

4. Heat pipes demonstrate precise isothermal control because of which the input heat fluxes can be varied without having to make significant changes in the operating temperature.




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