Can I use toothpaste as a thermal paste?

Thermal paste,also called thermal compound or thermal grease, this is a substance applied between the heat sink and processor to keep it cool.Many people are curious about whether toothpaste can be used instead of thermal paste to play a role, today ,we will give you the answer.

Can you use toothpaste as a thermal paste

While you can use some toothpaste as a thermal paste (because they give out the type of thermal conductivity needed), you can’t use some others.Here are various types of toothpaste and their level of thermal conductivity also differs.


While on the lookout for toothpaste in place of a thermal paste, most people tend to consider the following factors:

1.How well it conforms to uneven surfaces, heat sinks, and fills the gap?

2.How it is consistent over the temperature range that’s required?

3.How well it resists flaking or drying out over time?

4.Whether it insulates electricity or not?

How to apply toothpaste

Put some toothpaste at the center of your CPU. Spread it evenly then put back the heat sink. Avoid the edges because toothpaste can conduct electricity.

Please note; you will need to replace the toothpaste at least twice per month.

Why it is necessary to apply thermal paste

Thermal paste is applied between the cooler (heatsink) and the CPU. It transfers the heat from your CPU to the cooler. This will keep your machine cool. If you have opened your computer before, you have noticed that there are gaps between your CPU and the heatsink.

Air is mostly trapped in these spaces or gaps and as we know it, the air is a bad conductor of heat. That’s why it is crucial to use a thermal paste to draw heat away from a CPU.

It is worth noting a thermal paste is a good conductor of heat, does not dry quickly and that’s why it is used as a long term solution for computers that heat up quickly.

But make sure to don not overuse the thermal paste.

The best thermal paste

1.Should have a simple application process.

2.Should be effective in drawing heat away from a CPU as quickly as possible.

3.It must withstand high temperatures.

4.It should fill the small gaps between the CPU and heatsink

5.Buy a thermal paste that is built to last.

6.It needs to be large enough to apply several times before it is finished.

7.It needs to be high-quality and not dry when in a tube so you can reapply as many times as you want.

8.It should not have any metal in it. Metal can pass current that can ruin your computer.


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